I hated going to Power & Explosive at first because it was so challenging, but I can now dunk with ease and I know it’s a result of doing these drills, so I love the programs now. Thank you!

These sessions are simply amazing. My son likes to work hard, but he was honestly an average athlete at best. After just a few weeks of Explosive his coach pulled me aside after practice to ask me what happened because he’s so much faster now.

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. My son reallys enjoys playing with The Scoring Factory and the coaches are doing a great job!

We are so lucky to have found The Scoring Factory and my kids will be with you for a long time! The Academy has helped both of them improve their game. I really admire the way every child feels supported and important.

These sessions are exactly what my daughter needed. She loves to play, but didn’t always want to work on her skills… until now! The coaches are nice, but push the players and make them focus on details.

What I love best is how they teach players to incorporate the skills they teach into practice routines and games. The coaches are always positive, encouraging and enthusiastic. Each session is complemented with life lessons where players learn respect, work ethic, team work, goal setting and positive self-esteem. They truly care that each person excels Read more…

I cannot overstate the value in the lessons that The Scoring Factory coaches have provided. We have seen my son go from an average player, with average fundamental skills to a starter on the “A” team at his school.

The Scoring Factory focuses on each player’s individual needs and abilities, and they are astutely aware of how to approach training according to their personalities in order to make each session a successful experience.

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