Sharp & Handles

This seven week clinic is specifically designed for players looking to stay Sharp during the season and will include segments dedicated to shooting, passing and getting open. Sessions will revolve around a variety of moves, balance, positioning, shooting and footwork. Each session will focus on necessary drills for players to improve their game, and gain an edge over their opponents, as well as teammates. This program is open to players of all positions as skills will be incorporated from many angles and starting points. Sharp is available to Boys and Girls of all ages and takes place from 9:30-10:40am.

One of our most popular programs, Handles will continue the tradition and present an intense ball-handling clinic that will challenge players with all new dribbling drills to take their Handles to the next level. This session will have an extra emphasis on handling the ball under pressure and against contact. Typical of all The Scoring Factory programs, players will face advanced challenges and drills with the detail and precision expected on the level of professional athletes. Handles promotes positive thinking to all players looking to develop dexterity and coordination in both hands and is available to Boys and Girls of all ages and takes place from 10:45-11:45am.

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Our Membership provides motivated players increased access to our teaching and training methods, while providing families discounted rates for camps, skill clinics and more. One Membership is valid for an entire household.


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To satisfy the demand for high level basketball education while building a true club structure to rival the best around the globe: Our Membership program offers numerous benefits.

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These benefits are designed to to help your child reach their potential. “Work Ethic”, “Dedication” and “Consistency” are keys to future Excellence!

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