First of all, The Scoring Factory is fantastic. I don’t know how all these coaches learned all this stuff, but it’s helping my son really improve and coach Rob has been great with the physical side. Thank you everybody!

My son has put on so much muscle since we started with Coach Southall and the changes have done wonders for his confidence. I’m happy to see him get stronger, but even happier to see him believe in himself now.

Coach Rob is amazing and is one of those guys that just knows how to find the right words to get my daughter to push herself. We love The Scoring Factory and highly recommend his training!

His understanding of what it takes and more importantly what has value to a college coach is second to none.

Doc Merrick has a keen eye for the detail required to be a complete basketball player and a passion for helping players achieve their goals of playing at the next level.

I worked with Dr. Merrick and he really took my game to the next level.

Rainer helped us to effectively create a workable action plan that allowed our son to take the necessary steps to gaining confidence.

Courtex Performance has helped me take my mental game to the next level and become a more well-rounded and effective player.

Rainer’s techniques have helped me teach mental toughness, motivation and leadership to the players I work with.

Coach Rob’s skills have unequivocally helped my son to become a standout athlete by making him stronger, faster, more flexible and also mentally tougher.

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