First of all, The Scoring Factory is fantastic. I don’t know how all these coaches learned all this stuff, but it’s helping my son really improve and coach Rob has been great with the physical side. Thank you everybody!

My son has put on so much muscle since we started with Coach Southall and the changes have done wonders for his confidence. I’m happy to see him get stronger, but even happier to see him believe in himself now.

Coach Rob is amazing and is one of those guys that just knows how to find the right words to get my daughter to push herself. We love The Scoring Factory and highly recommend his training!

Coach Rob’s skills have unequivocally helped my son to become a standout athlete by making him stronger, faster, more flexible and also mentally tougher.

What I love about training with Rob is that he brings a positive, but stern, attitude to each session.

I was amazed how quick my body changed and how much better I felt!

I’m honestly surprised that more people don’t take advantage of these. The timing is great and the instruction is by far the best out there.

These sessions are exactly what my daughter needed. She loves to play, but didn’t always want to work on her skills… until now! The coaches are nice, but push the players and make them focus on details.

Our daughter simply loves how The Scoring Factory coaches teach with passion and explain all the details. It really helps players to improve in this type of environment and my husband and I are extremely pleased with her progress.

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