Moves & Shooter

This seven week clinic will focus on developing "go to" moves. Players of all positions will learn the important footwork necessary to get around their opponent and create scoring opportunities in game situations. Players will learn the finer details of each move and how to execute proper footwork and split-second timing to ensure success. Each session will focus on new moves and provide driven players a special opportunity to continue their development throughout the basketball season. Moves is available to Boys and Girls of all ages and takes place from 9:30-10:40am.

This program is designed for players looking to improve their shooting ability . Each session will focus on various drills teaching proper shooting form and eliminating inefficient movements in shooting mechanics. Players will work on technique, stability, shoulder strength and footwork. Players will also learn practice routines to perform at home in order to increase confidence, improve technique and build muscle memory. Balance and preparation will be major areas of emphasis. Shooter is available to Boys and Girls of all ages and takes place from 10:45-11:45am.

Summer Camps

Enjoy an amazing basketball camp experience where players work on skills and play games in an environment designed to enhance basketball IQ and overall skills.


Players will be divided into groups and taught the finer details of the game in a fun yet challenging environment. Areas of emphasis include shooting, dribbling, passing, footwork and competition. Three different options for our four-day camp will teach players of all positions skills and moves to get around their opponent and create scoring opportunities in game situations. Limited spaces available.

Players will learn how to set up each move, when to use it, and how to employ proper footwork to ensure success. Each day will focus on new drills and exercises as well as games to provide players ample opportunity to incorporate these essential components into their repertoire. Boys and Girls ages 6-16 are welcome to participate and should expect to have fun while being challenged.

Summer Camps

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Boys and Girls ages 6-16




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