NBA Pre-Draft

nba-draft-logoThe Scoring FactoryNBA Pre-Draft Training Program provides players with a personalized accelerated learning environment. Players will learn from nationally recognized coaches and each program is customized to fit the specific needs of each client.

We create an training regimen to ensure that players are able to perform at their peak when it matters most. Every athlete receives an initial measurement in the four fitness components of the Athleticism Tests performed annually at the NBA pre-draft camp and progress will be measured throughout the program.

Players will systematically eliminate weaknesses and improve overall basketball IQ. In addition to detailed on-court work, players will have access to various off-court tools to aid in their preparation including: nutritional education, video analysis, mental training and massage therapy.

Various options and packages are available and players can use The Scoring Factory as their home base throughout the pre-draft process as they fly back and forth to NBA workouts with airport transportation to and from Pittsburgh International Airport provided as necessary.

Contact us  for fee information and scheduling.

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