This seven week clinic will focus on the art of footwork. Players of all positions will be taught valuable skills and moves to get around their opponent and create scoring opportunities in game situations. Players will learn the finer details of each move, how to employ proper footwork, and the necessary timing to ensure success. Each session will focus on new drills and exercises providing players ample opportunity to incorporate these essential moves into their offensive repertoire. Players will be encouraged to repeat and practice the moves at home prior to the next session. Footwork is available to Boys and Girls of all ages and takes place from 9:30-10:40am.

The ability to control the basketball at a high tempo is crucial in today’s fast paced game. Ball-Speed is designed for players looking to improve their ability to handle the basketball in high pressure situations. Each session will focus on various drills to teach players how to become quicker with the basketball in order to increase confidence and limit turn-overs. Players will work on high-intensity ball-handling technique, mechanics, and skills in order develop dexterity and coordination in both hands. Precision, power will also be major areas of emphasis. Ball-Speed is available to Boys and Girls of all ages and takes place from 10:45-11:45am.