At The Scoring Factory we understand that today’s quickly changing game presents more and different challenges than in the past. Since our inception we have helped countless players strategically improve their game at all levels. Additionally we have helped many players earn college scholarships and advance their careers through our vast network of contacts and resources.

We can help your son/daughter get on pace to attract the attention of college coaches during game play. For professionals, we can help you advance your career by counseling you in making well-informed choices. Consultations are available to clients worldwide. Learn about the available opportunities that await and find out where you stand. Take charge and follow a unified comprehensive plan of attack.

We offer both In-Person and Phone Consultations. Our personal consultations can be scheduled to take place at a mutually agreeable meeting point. Our Phone consults are available to clients worldwide via phone, Skype or FaceTime. During these evaluations, we will focus on your specific questions, needs and goals through a detailed analysis of current parameters and objectives. This analysis will help players as well as parents establish a comprehensively structured plan of action.

Do You Need a Consultation?

  • An evaluation to learn current strengths and weaknesses from an objective pair of eyes?
  • Need guidance, assistance or advice?
  • A better understanding of the recruiting process?
  • A sounding board to gauge appropriate goals and options?
  • Schedule an in-game evaluation to better understand the thought process of a college coach?
  • Assistance with selecting the right agent?
  • Curious to know the best way to get into coaching?
  • Simply need help navigating the overall basketball landscape?


45 Minute Phone Consultation: $125, or $100 for members
45 Minute In-Person Consultation: $150, or $125 for members
Single Game Evaluation: $175, or $150 for members


30 Minute Follow-Up Phone Consultation: $75, or $50 for members
30 Minute Follow-Up In-Person Consultation: $100, or $75 for members

*(Follow-Up sessions will focus on progressing plan of action, not addressing a new issue).


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