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  • Doug M.

    Coach Pete Strobl has taught my son skills that have had a significant impact not just on the court but off. I cannot overstate the value in the lessons that Pete and The Scoring Factory coaches have provided. We have seen my son go from an average player, with average fundamental skills to a starter on the “A” team at his school. Pete has a special gift when it comes to coaching and a caring attitude that makes for a unique learning experience. I would recommend The Scoring Factory to anyone, from beginners to the most advanced players. For parents with kids…your son or daughter could not be in better hands. Pittsburgh is lucky to have The Scoring Factory and our family is forever grateful to Coach Strobl!

    DOUG M.
    Pittsburgh, PA
  • Diane O.

    We heard about Coach Pete Strobl a few years ago through an AAU program. Our son has participated in The Scoring Factory program over the past two seasons and has also trained with Pete privately. He was initially drawn to Pete because he had played professionally ….and because of his height. As parents, we were impressed by Pete’s firm handshake and friendliness. His calm demeanor, confidence, positive attitude and work ethic make him a wonderful role model.

    The workouts are always challenging and dynamic. Each session builds on the the previous and is focused on improving individual skill levels. It is obvious that Coach Strobl loves the game and through this passion he is able to motivate players to improve their play. The Scoring Factory teaches fundamental skills needed to play basketball, but also works on details we’ve never received anywhere else. Our son leaves every session tired, but always looking forward to the next time.

    All too often one finds individuals who are unable or unwilling to offer professional as well as personal excellence. In this regard, we find Coach Pete and The Scoring Factory admirable. The programs are always so positive and exemplify the necessary skills and mental toughness needed to be successful on the court.

    —DIANE O.
    Pittsburgh, PA
  • Amy J.

    Coach Pete Strobl is far and away the best basketball instructor in the Pittsburgh area and possibly the best anywhere. He has the knowledge and experience of a professional and he’s eager to share with anyone who has the passion to learn. The Scoring Factory teaches everything from the fundamentals of shooting and ball-handling to the finer details of execution and advanced offensive moves.

    What I love best is how they teach players to incorporate all of these into practice routines and games. The coaches are always positive, encouraging and enthusiastic. Each session is complemented with life lessons where players learn respect, work ethic, team work, goal setting and positive self-esteem. I think they truly care that each person excels to their best level as an athlete and a person.

    Not many coaches can bring all of this to each player on a daily basis, but all of the coaches at The Scoring Factory do it in a seemingly effortless way. They have helped, and continue to help, my daughter work on achieving her goals. By encouraging her to manage her time better, she can be her best in basketball, school and life. Coach Strobl is role model because of his approach and the way he makes players understand that they are in charge of their their game and their lives. I can’t thank The Scoring Factory enough!

    AMY J.
    Pittsburgh, PA
  • Glenn P.

    Both my son and daughter spent the entire off season at The Scoring Factory working to improve their basketball skills. The mix of sessions between the Sunday morning programs and Explosive and BOGA completely transformed my children into well-rounded basketball players. Coach Strobl focuses on each player’s individual needs and abilities, and he’s astutely aware of how to approach training according to their personalities in order to make each session a successful experience. They had fun while learning to be better basketball players, and through the process became better people. Coach Strobl is their coach, trainer, teacher and role model. The Scoring Factory teaches players to strive to be the best they can through hard work and determination.

    GLENN P.
    Pittsburgh, PA
  • Dave E.

    Your superior basketball knowledge stood out the first day I witnessed you leading a session. It was evident to me and many other parents that you have a gift for teaching. Your drills, motivational techniques, and tough love approach showed your passion for player development. Since my son started attending The Scoring Factory, we have witnessed amazing improvement in his confidence and skills. It is very impressive how you have been able to breakdown and make detailed corrections to his shooting mechanics.

    Your teaching style proved highly successful recently as my son was fouled toward the end of a game. The referee awarded him two free throws with the game on the line. Just like you taught him in your workouts, he went through his pre-shot routine and confidently hit both free throws….nothing but net. His team won that game by one point! This was a great confidence builder for him and reinforced the importance of working on the small details in practice.

    I am looking forward to witnessing my son reach his full potential as a basketball player as well as a young man through your guidance and instruction. Thank you!

    —DAVE E.
    Pittsburgh, PA