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Is this AAU?
No, not yet. The grassroots basketball youth model in America has had some very obvious shortcomings for years. Our youth Academy will implement a practice heavy model and seek to teach fundamentals, encourage growth, stimulate position free offensive basketball and instill a lifelong passion for the game.

When will it be AAU?
Exposure happens at a certain age range and we believe players need to be taught and prepared before embarking on that journey. Traveling to out of town tournaments at the youth level can be a waste of resources, but most importantly can lead to a loss of focus on true player development. In the future, we will take older age groups that have played (and learned) within our system and will then enter AAU tournaments. Before we do this however, we want our players to be ready and prepared.

Are there games?
Yes, but no trophies. We will play games throughout the course of the Academy and they will rotate from our three original satellite locations. These games will have a scoreboard and refrees, but our emphasis will remain on player development. Tall kids won’t be restricted to standing under the basket, shooters won’t be told to stand in the corner, and players of all sizes will be encouraged to dribble and take chances in game situations. This is about growth, pure and simple.

We love the skill-work at The Scoring Factory clinics. Will there be an emphasis on skills as a part of the Academy?
Absolutely! Skill development is how we made our name and we know what we’re good at. Intense skill development will be a part of all of our sessions to stimulate growth in all basketball situations.

How often and will my child practice?
There will be two practices per week with one geared primarily toward team skills and the other focused on skills development.

When do the teams practice?
Teams will practice twice per week at their home satellite location. Exact dates and times will be announced after Evaluations.

When are tryouts?
Our “Evaluations” will be held throughout the year.

What will happen during Evaluations?
Players will go through skill testing followed by game components to allow our coaching team to get an overall sense of each player’s current ability and future potential.

Is there financial aid available?
Yes, we have a need-based scholarship program. If your son/daughter is in need of financial assistance, please let us know immediately.

How long is the season?
Games and practices will take place April through June (3 Months).

What if my child plays other sports?
Players of multiple sports are both welcome and encouraged!

Can my child play at a higher age group?
We will consider moving a player up.

How will you build basketball IQ?
Elite coaching, proper repetition, continual feedback and consistency.

Can you eventually help my child get exposure to play in college?
Yes, The Scoring Factory has direct relationships with college coaches at every level and this is a component of our long-term vision.

Do you do anything to help parents better understand the game?
Yes, we will have informational meetings and email newsletters to teach parents how to better prepare players on and off the floor.


How can I register?
Contact us immediately to find out more.






*Limited Spaces Available - We request that you apply online to reserve your spot due to expected high demand.