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Evaluations are for Boys in 5th-8th Grade and Girls in 4th-8th grade.

Evaluation 1


Evaluation 3


Evaluation 2


Evaluation 4


Evaluation FAQs

The Scoring Factory is excited to announce Evaluation dates for our Select Teams. Your child will be put through a series of drills and playing situations to be evaluated by our coaching staff to be a part of our upcoming AAU season.

Are the Evaluations open to everybody?

YES! Even non-Members of The Scoring Factory may try out for our Select teams.

Are there boys and girls teams?

YES! There will be a boys division and a separate girls division.

When will tournament play start?

Spring 2018. We’re preparing and building advanced teams that we can grow.

More questions?

*There will be a one time $35 dollar fee for the Evaluations. Please note, that in order to be able to be selected for the Select Team, players must attend at least one of the Evaluations as well as the Final Tryout. Players are welcome to participate in every Evaluation and the one time fee covers all of them.